Name: Christine Brant

Born: April ’77

— I have a bachelors in Human development and a Masters in education

— I am a full time mom, work part time for Barnes and Noble, and squeeze in writing whenever I can.

— I am married to a wonderful man who is also my best friend and we have three amazing children. All of whom are incredible storytellers.

— My family lives in and loves West Seattle.  Occasionally, gazing at the Puget Sound can be a dangerous distraction to storytelling.

— reading – I love to read, I like fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and romance but also enjoy other books as well. I have loved reading since I was a little girl and am enjoying passing the passion onto my children.

— writing – I like to write stories but I also journal I find it a great way to work through my day and my struggles.
— watching Sci-fi with my husband – we are both geeks.
— cross stitching – yeah I know – but I think I already mentioned I am a geek – this makes me a nerd too I think.


— Feel free to send me questions via Facebook, Twitter, or the comments on my blog – I will try to answer them and put the most frequently asked ones on my FAQ’s page.