Q. Does the Scottsdale universe still exist and will you ever write in it again.

A. Yes it still exists and I really hope so.  I love the Scottsdale universe.  I love the story, I love the universe, I love all the history and most of all, I love the characters. Chelsea, Lexi, and Meredith are I’m convinced, going to do universe changing things if and when they ever meet.  I have not given up on the Scottsdale universe and I truly hope to return to it one day. However, at the moment the world of the Godmothers and Brothers has captured my imagination and time more completely.


Q. What is the ISED?
A. ISED stands for Inter Stellar Earth Dating it is the standard dating system for all space crafts in flight. It is also the standardized dating system used by the Confederacy. Since every planet would have a different rotation/different lengths of days and years there would be a need for a standardized dating system. Each planet maintains it’s own calendar but most date stamp everything with an ISED date as well.


Q. Have I seen the Chelsea Cole Files somewhere before?

A.  Some of them yes. Many of these news stories were previously posted on an online reading site under the series name “Glimpses of the Future”. I wanted to share them with my readers again here and help keep the universe alive with this little peek at the Scottsdale world.


Q. Where can I go to read “A Decade of Scottsdale” the short story that won the 2007 Surrey International Storytellers Award.

A. At this point there is no place to buy “A Decade of Scottsdale”.  If and when that changes I will let everyone know. However if you really want to read it feel free to send me a message and I will see about getting you a copy. You can find ways to contact me here.