The Scottsdale universe was originally introduced in the 2007 Surrey International Storytellers Award winning short story “A Decade of Scottsdale”.  It is set a thousand years in the future when mankind has mastered the art of space travel and terraforming. Yet has been dragged back to the dark ages by fear.


I wrote the short story as back story for the manuscript I had recently finished.  My first manuscript in fact, entitled Coradonna Lost. A young adult science fiction piece about the discovery by one young women that there really was life on other planets. Human life. Just like her, except radically and fundamentally different.


The manuscript now resides safely under my bed. 🙂 When I return to the Scottsdale universe I intend to fully rewrite Coradonna Lost. Same characters and plot, lots and lots of changes in the storytelling, voice, POV, character development, and, well you get the idea.


In the mean time the back story, and Chelsea Cole, the character I created to tell the back story took on a life of their own. You can find some of that life in the Chelsea Cole Files.