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Because I feel like it, I thought I would share with everyone a little snippet from Red and Grey today. So here is a tiny taste of one the characters in Red and Grey. Enjoy.


The Past

The blade pierced him. Cold steel slid through the soft, warm, flesh of his body. Pain seared his abdomen, and not just pain of the flesh. A deeper, brighter pain overwhelmed him. Shining, glowing, heat raced like fire under his skin.

How had that damned prince acquired a magic blade? Who dared give him such a tool? He growled in his mind, knowing the answer even as he asked the question.

The young woman standing at the prince’s side shone in his dimming vision. Her silver blonde hair shimmered down her back as her body emitted pure, bright power. The power was so close and yet beyond his reach.

Once again he was too late.

In the final seconds of the body’s life, he fled. The sword weakened him, but it didn’t destroy him as whatever Godmother created it no doubt hoped it would. For long moments he simply was. He observed as the prince withdrew the sword from the now dead flesh. The beautiful woman leaned into the prince’s arms, kissing his lips. They stood in each other’s embrace, reveling in their victory, unaware that the sword had failed to eliminate him completely.

Remembering the feel of her body, he blocked his seeing, but not in time. The prince drew her closer, his hand caressing her back.

He should be the one holding her. Too late again.

But he couldn’t think of that now. He needed to find a new host to give him form and shape. Moving free of a body was painful and slow. The air pushed him in every direction and he willed himself to move with difficulty.

If any of his Brothers stumbled upon him now, they would devour everything he was. His existence would end. That could not be permitted. He must find an acceptable form to fill before his weakness drew their attention.

The sword depleted him more than he liked to admit.

He let the wind carry him away from the ancient stone castle. His home for over two hundred years was lost. He couldn’t feel the chill of the wind, or see the blazing autumn leaves. Color was lost to him until he once again had a host to support him. The wind blew north, a village was close. He could sense it with the magic innate to his being, the core of who he was, or who he had been, once. He forced himself to move in that direction despite the pain.

Why had she done this to him? Why bring the prince down on him? He offered her everything. He never hurt her physically, and still she chose some weakling prince. A man without a hint of his own magic.

This wasn’t the first time a woman refused to bond with him. Not since her. Betrayal burned inside him. He needed the completion of a bonding again

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