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Today is the BEST Follow Friday. (For me anyway 🙂 )

The man I’m following today I would follow anywhere and everywhere.

In fact I have.


Well, there are many varied reason.  I could give you some platitude like he’s the love of my life or something. But I want you to know about him, not me. So why follow Jason?

Jason Douros loves people, in fact he is one of the few people I’ve met in my life who looks at the people around him with eyes of equality and love. Jason believes that there is something beautiful and lovable in everyone. Not only that but he loves to serve people.

I’m not talking about waiting on people hand and foot, Jason is one of those observant people who you’ll be walking around with and will notice the woman with five kids and 8 grocery bags and just walk up and help her in the parking lot – because that’s Jason. He’s the guy who opens the door for people with their hands full, no matter what their gender or age – because that’s Jason. He’s the guy who will buy lunch for a homeless person and eat with them as often as possible just to sit and learn their story – because he’s Jason. He’s the guy who always has a compliment for everyone, and somehow it’s always exactly what that person needs to hear that day – because that’s Jason. He’s the guys who finds out the name of the hotdog vendor on the corner – Tula – by the way – and makes sure he uses it – and this makes both their days – because he’s Jason. He’s the guy who will take time out of his life to help his friends pursue their dreams, no matter what they are – because he’s Jason.

I have never known a human being with a heart more called or more committed to serving people than this man. If he could do it 24/7/365 he would. Pesky day jobs.


It’s funny, I believe he has the power to change the world.  Not by being a politician, (Thank GOD) but because he loves people enough to inspire them to reach higher, do better, believe in themselves, and the goodness of others.


Ultimately, I believe it is love that will change the world (that and forgiveness). Jason happens to be very good at both those things.


So thank you Jason – for being worthy of my Follow Friday today. 🙂

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  1. Thanks so much love…you are the most amazing wife ever. It’s my honor to support you in whatever way I can…wish I could do more at times…but I am here for you whatever you need.

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