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I know I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but just for that ever elusive “record” I love the Surrey International Writers Conference (SiWC).

If there is a better conference put on by a more wonderful group of amazing and talented people, I’m not aware of it.

SiWC is the perfect size, not so big you get lost in the crowd not so small that no one with a big name comes.  Kathy Chung the conference coordinator this year did a spectacular job.  All the presenters were amazing and in each session I learned some tidbit that will help me along as a writer, or a person. So yes, I love SiWC.

In addition to all that, it was fantastic to see my writer friends and catch up with them, Rose, Elissa, Tyner, Pam, Peggy, and Angela (P.S. there is an interview with me on her site – more on that tomorrow) of the Book Broads not to mention the countless others I don’t have the space to name. Then there are all the new people I got to meet this year at Surrey.

Allow me at this point to take a quick moment to say congratulations to Tyner for his story placing second in the Annual Surrey International Storytellers Award Contest. Excellent job. 🙂

Plus this year I got to meet in person two of my Tweeps who I have been conversing with all year on Twitter but never set eyes on(@natgreyangel and @LornaSuzuki) . That was way cool.

Amidst all the wonderful, and there is so much wonderful, there are always a few moment or a few speakers that stand out.

For me this year there are four people I would like to mention/thank in particular.

kc dyer : I can’t begin to say what an awesome and inspirational person kc is. She has been so important to me as I’ve progressed as a writer.  I’m not sure I would have gone past my first year of writing if not for her belief, encouragement, and support. This year sitting in her panel on steam punk and having a blue pencil with her was fantastic.

– kc – thank you so much for our words of advise on how to strengthen my manuscript and for providing them in such an optimistic and encouraging way.  I came home eager to get started and excited about the possibilities this year held.

Arthur Slade: I’ve never stalked anyone before, this past weekend Arthur Slade was generous enough to allow me to stalk him around the conference. Meaning I attended each session he gave or sat on a panel in and even got behind – or in front –of him in line to eat a couple of times. Not too shocking given the size of the conference and my interest in the steam punk genre. 🙂 In all seriousness he was incredibly gracious with his time, answering questions about the genre, my manuscript during a blue pencil and just bantering with hubby and I during free time.

– Mr. Slade – Thank you for your time and your sessions which were both interesting and informative.  And thank you for saying I was the least creepy stalker ever and for choosing not to get the restraining order. I am most appreciative.

Julia Quinn: I was fortunate enough to get to attend one of Ms. Quinn’s sessions and have a blue pencil with her. She was so friendly and approachable. Her session on dialog was helpful and insightful. The blue pencil with her was very encouraging and I really enjoyed getting to meet and converse with her.

– Ms. Quinn -  Thank you for your time and for being so friendly. I appreciate your comments on my manuscript and your very helpful session plus taking those extra few minutes with me.

Ivan Coyote: The only word that comes to mind is WOW. Her keynote address blew me away. Getting to speak to her one on one at the book signing was awesome. I genuinely hope that Ivan is invited back next year. I look forward to attending a session with her if she does.

-Ms. Coyote – Thank you for your inspirational words during the keynote address and for your humor. I appreciate your willingness to take time for aspiring writers.


  1. So many moments of awesome at SiWC!! 😀

  2. Great to see you and Jason at the conference! Hope your leads play out – remember, this is the year…

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