My New Years Resolutions

Posted by on Jan 1, 2011 in General | 1 comment

Every year I, like millions of other people, make “New Years Resolutions”. However, I like to think of myself as different. ‘Cause you know, who wants to be like everyone else.  So I try to make my resolutions more like goals.

Goals should be attainable, realistic, and within our control right? Not ideals that we have no possibility of ever reaching or that we can strive for but are ultimately out of our hands – like for example – world peace.  I would love to make one of my goals this year getting an agent, or seeing my name on the cover of a book. However, the fact of the matter is, I can’t control how an agent will react to my query or when Red and Grey will be published ;-).

There are many thing I can control about my writing though. Those are the things I put on my “goal list”. (Yeah – I make a real list 😉 nerd here.)

I decided to share a few of those goals here on my blog.

Read more – and read more genres.  More on this one to come – in fact a whole blog post about this will be up next week.

Write Daily – I have two stories I’m “halfway” through. Meaning I have written over 50,000 words on. I really want to finish both these stories. Plus I have another story that is “nagging” at me and desperately wants to be told. I need to write, every single day, no excuses.

Send 50 queries for Red and Grey. Or, you know, as many as it takes to get an agent, maybe only two. :-)  (If anyone’s wondering last year I sent 30.)

Attend Surrey International Writers Conference. Not so much a goal as a given – but I put it on the list because it’s easy to check off and makes me feel good to accomplish it. LOL

So, what are your goals for 2011?

Planning anything big?